Major Research Achievements

Views:      Published: 2011-07-19

On August 11, 2002, an experiment was successfully conducted by the Department of Mathematics with the world’s first four-level inverted pendulum control system—linear motion of inverted pendulum. The pendulum had good stability and positioning function. The Ministry of Education organized an evaluation meeting for research achievements at BNU on the morning of August 28. The Committee agreed that the “Variable Universe Adaptive Fuzzy Control Theory and its Applications to Four-level Inverted Pendulum Control” project done by Beijing Normal University” is not only rich in theory but also involves practical methods and techniques. It was the world’s first successful four-level inverted pendulum control experiment, and so BNU made a breakthrough in both adaptive fuzzy control theory and in experimental research. As an original scientific and technological achievement at world-leader level, in 2002 the project won first prize given by the Natural Science Awards by the Ministry of Education.

On March 5, 2003, scholars in the Intelligence Control of Complex Systems Laboratory, led by Professor Li Hongxing, completed a plane motion of the first-level inverted pendulum control experiment. Later, the study group combined some features of Optimal Control Theory and Classical PID Control Theory with Variable Universe Adaptive Fuzzy Control Theory, to give the Variable Universe Adaptive Control Theory the high-dimensional function of PID adjustment, and then successfully realized a second-level inverted pendulum control experiment via this control theory in 2003. On October 27, the team then succeeded in implementing the world’s first third-level inverted pendulum control experiment in light of high-dimensional Variable Universe Adaptive Control Theory, and this too reached world-leader level.

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